TooFar? Albums

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the team over at JUST FOR LAUGHS CANADA on SIRIUS XM CANADA (Formerly CANADA LAUGHS) – the only All-Canadian Comedy Channel on Satellite Radio – the past 10 or so years has been a prolific era for new, original Canadian Comedy Albums.  The best way to support your favourite Canadian Comedy Artists is to sign up for a Sirius XM Canada subscription and listen to the JFL CANADA channel, or to buy the albums directly on iTunes or CD Baby.  However, you can also stream the albums on Spotify and find out who you like, by checking out our GREAT CANADIAN COMEDY PLAYLIST or simply come to this section of our website and click on an album that catches your fancy and stream it from Spotify.  Just like our VIDEOS and PODCASTS sections, this page is Randomized, so every time you come here, there will be different albums featured in a randomized shuffle.  And we’re always adding new content to all our sections! 

Enjoy and tell your friends!