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10 Canadian Comedians Who Thrived In 2020 (Against All Odds)

2020 has been, and continues to be, an extremely tough time for everyone in the entertainment business.  Especially on the live side of things, where comedians, musicians and performing artists of all stripes have had much of their livelihoods destroyed.  Venues are in a lot of trouble, with a Variety article in June estimating a […]

Too Far? is a comedy brand established in Canada around 2007 or 2008 as an Uncensored Digital Alternative to the shrinking #CdnMedia landscape.  We started out as an independent sketch comedy and musical comedy troupe with videos regularly going viral and featured on Funny Or Die and College Humor. Then we added a Stand-Up comedy section by filming our favourite comedians, raw and uncensored, in the comedy clubs and putting their stuff online, garnering worldwide recognition and again having several clips go viral, including two that hit the #1 spot on the Reddit “R/Videos” Section.

The brand has since evolved to include international acts and projects ranging from albums, tours and marketing services to TV, Feature Film and Digital Media Development, Production, Marketing and Distribution.  As everyone is learning in 2020, these days you’ve got to do it all. We’ve worked with and amplified the careers of many great comedians. It’s not rocket science, we’re just looking for the good stuff, and trying to bring it to you.

The brand has been on hiatus for a few years, so hang tight as we rebuild.  We’ve just launched our all-new ALBUMS section as well as a PODCASTS section – each featuring a curated assortment of some of the best podcasts and comedy albums from (mostly) Canadian Comedians. Our All New Videos Section is up and running as well, with dozens of new videos being added daily!  

Each of these sections is randomized with a shuffle feature, so every time you go there there will be different content to check out!

Enjoy some of our favourite artists and share with your friends. That’s how the good stuff cuts through the noise and reaches people. Our original content has already reached 10s of millions of people across all platforms. Here’s to reaching 100 million more! There’s also plenty of back catalogue over on our YouTube Channel, which we’ll be producing new content for very soon, so please SUBSCRIBE!

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